A Night at the UGL-Assignment 3

For our third assignment, we had to record and edit natural sound into our picture essay that we completed for assignment 2. While it seemed like a pretty straightforward task, I ended up realizing how easy it is to make a mistake.

When I originally recorded the sound for my pictures, I didn’t realize that there wasn’t a memory card in the recorder. That should have been the first thing I checked before recording, but it had slipped my mind due to me only thinking about what I was going to shoot. Once I realized my problem after I had finished shooting, I decided I would use the same memory card that I had used in my camcorder for my audio recorder. I went and reshot all of my audio clips with that memory card inside, not thinking twice about it.

However, when I went to edit my project in the lab and plugged in my media card reader, I had realized that all of the photos on the card were gone. On top of that, my assignment 2 project file in Adobe Premiere that was on my external hard drive was unable to read any of the pictures because the media was offline. I asked the teacher of the other multimedia class (I was editing during their class time) what the problem was, and he explained to me that Adobe needed the original picture files in order to have them available to work on. That’s also when he let me know that my audio recorder had most likely recorded over my original picture files. I realized too that I had never saved the pictures over onto my external hard drive before I imported them into Adobe last time, which was a dumb mistake on my part. I tried putting the media card back into my camcorder to see if it would reformat back and retrieve the pictures, but I didn’t have any luck. They were gone forever.

In the end, I was not able to complete assignment 3. I realize now that all of it could have been prevented, had I just taken the time to double check all of my equipment and files before shooting, like I was suppose to. If anything, I look at this experience as a wake-up call. I definitely will be more prepared for my future assignments and I will make sure to always double, even triple-check, my equipment before I go out and shoot.

While I did receive a score of 0, I’m lucky that it is only worth 15 points out of 1000 possible points this semester. I was upset over the grade, but I still have time to make up for those lost points by doing a better job on future assignments. Hopefully, in the long run, what I learned from this experience is worth more than those 10 points.

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