Reflection 3 – Finally getting the hang of this

IMG_0323For Assignment 3, we had to take the audio that we recorded in preparation for Assignment 2 and incorporate it with the still shots. I’m surprised by how smoothly it went and I feel more comfortable editing on Premiere this time around. 

The audio enhanced my original video because the sounds give more depth to the images. The senses, whether they be sound, sight, smell or touch have a powerful way of taking you to a particular memory. Even though my images are everyday occurrences (making coffee, brushing your teeth, walking to class), the sound makes it easier to imagine your personal everyday routines. I found that something so commonplace as the sound of coffee hitting your cup first thing in the morning to be rhythmic, almost melodic. I enjoyed putting the video together.

Also I’m glad that I started to work on mixing my audio with the video outside of class time because I was able to get familiar with Premiere on my own time.



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