Preparing for #1 Penn State

Filming gymnastics presented many challenges.

Filming gymnastics presented many challenges.

I can’t even begin to explain my relief in completing my assignment 4 video. There were so many things about this assignment that I did differently¬†which made for a much easier editing process than the last assignment.

I now feel like I’ve settled into a groove and have become exponentially more comfortable with Adobe Premier. It also doesn’t hurt that the software on the classroom computers worked with me this time instead of against me.

When I heard about the parameters of the assignment I was very excited. I absolutely love the sport of gymnastics and filming it was even better. I was super happy with all of my videos. I think that I challenged myself by shooting from different angles and used all of the appropriate wide, medium and tight shots. However there was a bit of difficulty in filming at first. Gymnastics is a very fast paced sport and sometimes it was hard to set up the camera quick enough to be able to capture what I wanted. After a few tries I adapted and was able to get the shots that I wanted.

The hardest part about gathering all the material to make my video was the natural sound. Not that it was hard to capture, but it was hard to choose between all the sound that I captured and where to put them in my video. I loved each sound bite I got and I think I was able to smoothly integrate them into the video.

The biggest thing I did different for this assignment, which made my life a ton easier, was becoming more organized with my audio and video. Before I started any editing I got all of my media into one place, my g-drive. This made for a much quicker editing process and I was able to stop and resume my work without interruption. I also named each file so I didn’t have to click on it every time to see what it was.

The editing process was much more fun than I ever thought it would be. While it was time consuming, I really enjoyed going through the process of cutting shots and piecing them together so everything ran smoothly. It did take me quite a bit of time but it was definitely worth it in the end. As I finished the editing, I came to the realization that for the first time I felt like I was comfortable with Adobe Premier. For assignment 3 it drove me crazy, but for this assignment I took it one step at a time and felt very comfortable.

Overall I’m very pleased with what I was able to create for my video. It always helps to be covering something that you really enjoy and are invested in as I was for this. In the future I hope to be able to master exactly when an audio or video transition is necessary as I experimented with different things in this video however I think¬†they turned out well. Moving forward I feel very confident with what I was able to do with this assignment.

Bring on assignment five! You can view my final video here.

You can also view my quick presentation for class right here.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for #1 Penn State

  1. Ohmer, Jeffrey S


    First off, I really liked your title slide to open up your video. It definitely tied together the orange and blue theme noticed throughout your piece. I also like how your video ties together at the beginning and the end. By using the shot of the athlete walking in the doors and then out of the doors, it was clear that the story was on a linear path. Moreover, I like how you weren’t afraid to put your camera on the ground and closer to the subject. You had some effective shots when you did that! Also, good job including an interview. I like how you went above and beyond to tell the story.

    Similar to you as well, I am very relieved to have this assignment over with. I know that you started working on the assignment early as well, and I think that that was a tactic we both benefitted from! It’s also encouraging for me to hear that you are excited for the next assignment. I am also ready to take on the upcoming challenges in this course, and I believe that you and I both learned lessons on this assignment that we can apply to future ones.

    Overall, good job with your piece! It was a unique topic that was definitely interesting to hear about. Best of luck with your future work!

  2. Fortin, Nicholas Edward David

    Hey Logan, first off I want to say that I really enjoyed your project. Like you said in your refection, I too enjoyed the variety of shots that you used and the way that the wide medium and tight shots seemed to tell a story throughout. I really couldn’t find any major flaws with your project throughout, so overall I feel as if your project was a pretty good example of what our 4th assignment should have looked like as a finished project. Keep up the good work!

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