The Relaxation Station

The Illini Union Rec Room offers 14 bowling lanes, in addition to a variety of other activities for the public.

The Illini Union Rec Room offers 14 bowling lanes, in addition to a variety of other activities for the public.

Boy, am I lucky that I started Assignment Four early. I knew that a video story could take some time to compile, so right away I was motivated to make progress. With a positive attitude, I was able to work my way through this assignment in a timely manner, while enjoying the time that I spent working on it because it was exciting to see my project develop.

I did not have too many difficulties with this assignment, but it was certainly tough to think of an idea at first. After putting in a lot of thought and talking to people for suggestions, I decided to check out the Illini Union Rec Room because I had never visited it before. Upon arriving, I knew that this was the location of my story. Right away, I reached out to Donna Wargo, and the following day, I was already getting my interviews and filming for the story!

Finding an interview location for Ms. Wargo was challenging. The Rec Room itself was too loud for me to converse with her and there were not any nearby locations that we could solely use for the interview, so we were limited to her crammed office. By applying the rule of thirds and adjusting my range of focus, I tried my best to limit the clutter in the background of her shot. Ultimately, I think the shot was successful because she was the sole focus, and I thought that I made the most with what I was given.

Kayla Boparai’s interview was easier to handle because there were less people in the Rec Room at the time, so I was able to put her on the bowling floor and shoot the conversation. I liked the framing in this shot and Boparai was able to give me some quality quotes. It was challenging when I went back to cut up her interview, though, because at times she wasn’t very concise with her responses. Once I started to talk with her, however, my follow up questions were able to pull more quality answers out of her that I was happy to use.

One thing that I am definitely grateful for with this project is the amount of b-roll that I had saved to use. When I came home from the Rec Room, I had so much footage to use for potential b-roll shots. I knew that I had a busy week coming up ahead, so I made sure to go above and beyond with my footage so that I would not have to return to the scene and shoot again. Overall, I liked how I used my b-roll footage to compliment the sound bites and further progress the story. Moreover, my use of wide, medium, and tight shots gave the story movement and life, which added to the excitement and energy that the Rec Room created.

My favorite shot that I took was when I was up-close and personal with the bowling pins. It was really fascinating to see the pins explode right in front of my face after the ball struck them. This sight was a primary reason why I used it as a background for my text, another addition that I liked within my piece. By having the text pop-up on the screen while Ms. Wargo was announcing the hours, I felt that a viewer could benefit and make sense of everything she was saying with a visual such as this. I thought that it worked out nicely, and it was also a good transition to my fade to black as the piece comes to an end after the pins are hit.

Assignment Four was challenging, but when it was all said and done, I was proud of the work that I put into it. I am also proud of the fact that I was motivated to get this assignment finished early, so that I could save time for more projects and exams that were looming around the corner this week. I hope to have similar success with my future assignments!

I hope you all enjoy my work.

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  1. Bradley, Logan Miller

    I feel like we had the same type of concern and relief in regards to this project. Luckily, just like you I started this project well in advance and had a really fun time with some of the shots I took. I wasn’t quite as happy about my b-roll as you were so I think that’s a place where I can really improve. I think this will just come with getting more content and asking more questions in the interview.
    Overall I think the biggest learning lesson for both of us was that it feels great to get something done early to make sure there are no complications with the editing process, etc. I will definitely do the same in the future if I am able to because I think it allows for better work.

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