UI-Innovate: A look to the future- Lerner Assignment 4

3-D printer in progress

3-D printer in progress

I really liked our fourth assignment, the video essay. It’s been cool to see the progression of our work so far this semester and this assignment felt like the beginning of the culmination of different skills that we’ve been learning. It was more of an involved production process, because we had to work on putting together both the audio and then a full video sequence. I also liked the ‘event’ I chose to film, because I think it fit the project pretty well. I initially had no clue what I wanted to film, but when one of my buddies told me about his club meeting for, UI-Innovate I felt it fit. Filming a meeting of some sort in general fit the project description well in my mind, but having the aspect of 3-D printing going on added to the visual appeal in my opinion. For those interested in my progression as a multimedia reporter, or technology/the potential future of production in the world, check out my video here!

As I was assigned to read former multimedia student, Carl Rosenberg’s blog at the beginning of the semester, it seemed that he came away from assignment 4 with a similar sentiment as I did. He expressed it being his most difficult to date at the time, but also rewarding.

I’d have to say I felt similarly upon finishing this project, although I didn’t seem to hit too many snags in my process throughout. As I mentioned previously, my biggest obstacle was actually finding something to film. I ended up really liking the club meeting because it made for a clear chronology and also made adding an interview very easy and purposeful. Having one of the club’s members briefly explain what the club does made for a good audio element but also helped make the entirety of the video more understandable to the viewer.

The other new aspect of this assignment was adding a ‘lower third’ somewhere within. This also added purpose to the interview I decided to include, because putting the interviewee’s name under him as a sort of introduction is a common element in broadcast journalism and again helps the viewer’s understanding. Overall, I enjoyed putting together this video essay assignment and look forward to adding many more elements to our work in the future.

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  1. Holloway, Miranda W

    Hi Brett! First off, I wanted to say that I absolutely loved your video topic. I know you said that you had trouble finding something to film, but I have to say that you ended up picking a great one! I think one of the things that makes a great video is watching interactions, both human or otherwise. In your video you had the interaction between club members and between human and machine.

    I know you got some criticism in class about the length of your shots, but the instinct will develop will more editing. I understood your shot pattern, so I think any kinks will be worked out as you learn more.

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