I Need a Drink

IMG_1503[1]This project was very nearly a disaster. Talk about technical hiccups and being on the brink of tears. I need a glass of wine.. or five.

For our third assignment, we were supposed to create a video essay with natural sound that had a story line. The process itself would have been easy if I hadn’t experienced a few mishaps. The connector that attached my tripod to my camera magically disappeared the other night. No idea where it went. Not a clue. Seeing as we are recording video and the camera has to be steady, there was a bit of an issue. I had to improvise and ended up balancing my camera on books, tables, and practicing my breathing to calm my hand like I was pregnant or something. It was a lot of work, and it wasn’t very pleasant, but I still managed to complete the assignment fairly well.

The technical hiccups had me very close to tears though. I’ve edited this assignment and my previous assignment at home using  a newer version of Adobe Premier. I was up extremely late editing this project and right when I finished and I mean completely finished… the program just shut down. It didn’t recognize that I had saved anything. I was at a clean slate, and I was devastated. After taking a minute to calm myself down, I started on it again. I got half way through it and guess what? IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I just about snapped my laptop in half. Luckily, that was the last time it did it. I grabbed my flash-drive and external hard-drive immediately after I started again and saved it every 30 seconds.

Regardless of the issues I encountered, I feel like the assignment as a whole went fairly well. I’m excited for our next project because I really feel like I’m getting the hang of this whole “multimedia” thingamabob.

2 thoughts on “I Need a Drink

  1. Gibson, Aaliyah A

    Hey, it’s Aaliyah Gibson! I just want to start off by saying that I really liked your project. For one, it made me feel stress free while watching it (I wish I could turn off all of my alarms for a few weeks) and it really brought me there as Professor Collins would say.

    Reading your reflection, I can most definitely relate to the technicalities while filming. I had a few mishaps happen while I was just trying to get things to work properly, but it’s awesome seeing that you really pulled through and put together a project that really created a moment.

    I especially enjoyed your shots of pouring the drink and lighting the candles. The different angles with tight shots showed me the bubbles in the drink and the actual texture of it. The candle lighting was great too because you showed the candle before it was lit, striking the match, and the actual candle being lit. The lights were dim throughout the video too and that added so much as well.

    I liked your project a lot!

  2. Collins, Janice Marie

    I’m so sorry for all of the mishaps…but I’m so proud of you sticking with it…Plan A, B, C….congrats! I hope you didn’t lose any of your other work from your other classes.
    Professor Collins

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