Reflection 4: Illini in Motion

Assignment 4 proved to be the most difficult for me. I tagged along to watch a practice at the Armory for the Illini in Motion, a dance team here on campus. It was easy to get footage because they were constantly moving…never a dull moment. The difficulty came during the editing process. 

All in all it took me about three hours to edit my one minute video. I took so much footage and there was so much choreography to choose from that ultimately I couldn’t decide which parts I wanted to incorporate. It was also hard to get a variety of angles in the classroom at the Armory because it was so small, but I made it work by standing on chairs, laying on the floor, etc.

Adobe was not my friend this time around. I had completed and saved my project and the program froze unexpectedly for about ten minutes and completely shut down. All of my work was deleted. It was discouraging to have to start from square one again but the second time around was a breeze because I knew what I wanted to do. Although assignment 4 was a challenge, I actually enjoyed the filming process and seeing my final project. You can view my video here!

2 thoughts on “Reflection 4: Illini in Motion

  1. Ogrodnik, Jacqueline F

    I can tell from both your video and your reflection that you put all of your effort into this assignment even after Adobe stabbed you in the back like you were some kind of Roman general. I’m not going to repeat what Professor Collins said about the shaking and sound; she was pretty clear on that. Just remember the tripod and recorder next time. Instead, I want to praise you for getting really, really nice angles and shots that really grasp what you’re trying to show everyone. You had a story, and you were telling it! The person you interviewed and used for a voice over was a nice choice; she seemed really knowledgeable about what she was talking about. Well, of course she had to be, but I mean she didn’t stutter or hold out on her thoughts, which really fit nicely into your video. I also liked your topic! I never heard of this dance group before. And they have to practice in the Armory? In a classroom? How? Your video kind of made me want to check out more info about this group!

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