Women’s Self-Esteem Lowers in College

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College is a time of new beginnings. New classes, new friends, you’re even sleeping in a new place every night. This creates stress among college students and has a particular effect on college age women.

A study conducted at Boston College examined female student’s self-esteem upon entering their freshman year and again when leaving their senior year. The results showed that women valued themselves less towards the end of their college career. So what causes this? The stress of college can cause these women to simply not have time to give to themselves.

The Women’s Resource Center at UIUC is working towards inclusion of all types of women on campus. They offer a safe place for female students to come and share their feelings. There are counseling options available and even some fun classes to boost self-esteem and self-acceptance. Last week a women’s only yoga class was held. It gave the students a chance to get some exercise and provided a stress free environment.

Making time for yourself is necessary for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule is, particularly for college age women. I always find it fun to spend some extra time getting ready to help boost my confidence. It gives you some time to yourself to collect your thoughts. It’s fun to try out new makeup and styles, and it promotes a healthy self-image when you try new things. Here you can learn how to do a quick new eyeshadow look. Remember to make time for yourself in college and know you’re beautiful just the way you are.



I liked filming this project. I had a lot of fun doing the makeup with my roommate. I had trouble getting the right lighting, and it worked better for me in some shots than others. I also felt like there was not much sound happening while we were filming which it led to a lack of natural sound during editing. So I found some stock music to brighten the mood. I tried playing with some of the transitions, but I found them to be too distracting. I’ll mostly stick with dissolve. The blog section I choose a thematic style to bring everything together. Overall this process went pretty well. I can tell I am getting used to my equipment and kind of know what will and won’t translate well.

So excited to keep growing this semester!

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