Horror Fans Continue to Keep the Genre (Mostly) Alive

Don’t drink or do drugs. Don’t split up. Don’t camp in rundown abandoned places. Don’t give away your chastity.

Run, Hide and Survive!


Mirrors are very dangerous objects in horror movies. Just look at the entire plot of Oculus!


When watching a horror movie, there are different kinds of rules people in the movie theaters shout at the characters on the screen.

The sexually active blonde dies first, the comic relief second, then the smart one and then the athlete. The last one standing is the virgin who finally defeats the killer or monster, which never really stays dead in the end.

This horror movie formula has been addressed in several different horror movies, most notably in Cabin in the Woods, which grossed $42 thousand, and Scream, which is the fourth highest grossing horror movie in the past two decades, earning an inflation-adjusted gross of $185 thousand.

Despite these numbers, the horror genre still remains less popular compared to others. Horror is listed as the seventh top-grossing genre from 1995-2015, underneath comedy, adventure and action.

The most recent peak in the box office was in 2007, when I Am Legend was released. Since then, movies have been steadily declining over the years, earning less and less revenue.

However, despite those numbers, horror fans still remain faithful, and many of them continue to show their love for the scary, the ghostly and the bloody by attending different conventions throughout the country that are dedicated to horror.

Horror Realm, which is dedicated to fans of both zombies and horror, recently ended on March 8. This year’s guest list included notable slashers such as Tony Todd (Candyman) and Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees).

The semi-annual Philadelphia horror film and memorabilia convention, Monster-Mania Con, will begin March 13 with guests like the cast members from the Saw series, American Horror Story and Friday the 13th. Also attending this year are Kyra Schon and Daveigh Chase, who played scary little girls Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead and Samara from The Ring, respectively.

HorrorHound Magazine will present HorrorHound Weekend on March 20, which will feature the ever-popular zombie-killing, crossbow-wielding redneck Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) from The Walking Dead.

From Dracula to Annabelle, from Linda Blair to The Blair Witch Project, from Night of the Living Dead to World War Z, horror movies continue to thrive in the box office thanks to fans who enjoy leaving the lights on at night.

Learn how to survive a horror movie by watching this video.


I’ve actually been planning this How to Video since the beginning of the semester. I can’t cook, I don’t wear makeup, and I’m not fashionable, so I wanted to do something that I know and love: horror! I’ve loved horror since I was little! My parents are huge horror fans, so I guess it’s genetic. But there’s a problem with planning a project so far ahead: there’s more time for something to go horribly wrong.

My video did not turn out like I had hoped because I had planned on having a much larger cast. I wanted scenes that showed them sticking together, partying, and avoiding abandoned buildings. Unfortunately, the weekend we planned to meet up, no one could make it. No one. Not one person.  Thankfully, one friend ended up helping me, but it was very difficult to film such a video with only two people to star in it. I had to cast my friend as a victim and a killer! Nut everything ended up working out in the end! Good!

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