A quick, cheap meal for a college student


A box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Making dinner on a budget

College students, no matter the time of the month nor their financial situation always seem to be skimping on food. Cutting back on daily nutrients isn’t good for any reason so instead of missing meals, college students should eat smaller, less expensive items, like macaroni and cheese, supplemented with bigger meals throughout the day.

While I won’t say that the quick and easy meal of macaroni and cheese will save all the problems of what to eat while in college, I will say that mac ‘n cheese is a cheap way to replenish the calories that easily escape your body.

Why recommended that you should eat macaroni and cheese? Most importantly because macaroni and cheese is well known and popular. According to an article on Reuters, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on it’s own made Kraft Foods Group Inc. $500 million of their $18 billion dollars in annual sales in 2013.

Although Kraft’s stranglehold on the macaroni and cheese competition has loosened in recent months — as Kraft’s share of the U.S. market of packaged macaroni and cheese fell to 78 percent in 2014 as opposed to 82 percent in 2010 —it is hard to debate that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese isn’t one of the most popular boxed foods in the world.

Since Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is so popular college students know it across the world, which is why I decided to make my how to video on how to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The video can be viewed here.

Everyone should know how to make a box of stove top macaroni and cheese so that when they can’t make another meal for whatever reason, they still are able to make and eat something quickly and cheaply.

While macaroni and cheese is popular, and quick to make with most boxed recipes taking under 20 minutes, it’s also cheap. It’s also important know how to cook a stove top box of a macaroni and cheese because the stove top version is usually cheaper than the microwave version. Take Kraft for example, the 2.5 ounce microwave version of kraft macaroni and cheese sells for $1.09 per container on Meijer’s website but five of the 7.5 ounce stove top versions sell for five dollars.

Although there are other brands, like Annie’s, out there for people in need of stove top macaroni and cheese, Kraft’s offering seems to be the cheapest on the market. Even though it may not be the healthiest meal in the world to eat, Kraft’s stove top macaroni and cheese does provide three, 400 calorie servings that anyone, broke college student or otherwise, can stretch into multiple meals.

In short, macaroni and cheese is easy to make, cheap to buy and popular across the world which is what could make it a great meal for anyone and any time.



With each passing project I have found that both the filming and editing processes are becoming easier and easier for me. While I am by no means a professional at either part yet, assignment 5 seemed to be the easiest one to complete in terms of taking my ideas from my brain and translating them to a finished video. The filming went well and I got all of the footage I needed on the first take. I did realize that while in the editing stage that I probably should have taken more natural sound just to overlay it into my project but I will remember to do that for next time. I don’t want to jinx it by saying this but for the project in a row I had no problems working with adobe. There was one minor mishap early on in the editing process where I couldn’t figure out how to distinguish between the different titles while trying to edit them but that was user error and not Adobe’s fault. After figuring out that problem, by finding a drop down menu to choose the title I wanted to edit, I got back on track and finished editing the project in no time. While it was hard to come up with, and then report on, a news peg for my story on macaroni and cheese I was able to write what I feel is a pretty good story as well. All in all everything seemed to go well and I feel as if this project turned out pretty well.


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