Take Me out To the Ballgame- How To Throw Different Pitches


Me showing the grip for a 4 seam fastball, and looking like a bad-a**



“Ah shoot,” I muttered to myself as my tripod toppled to the ground.

You see, I grew up my entire life playing baseball, more specifically as a pitcher, so I’ve been around the block a few times. However, it has been about a year since I’ve thrown a baseball, and, well… my tripod got to feel the full blunt of my rustiness after my fastball took out one of its legs, and now it’s more of a dipod so to speak…

Luckily for me, no permanent damage was done to the tripod (I guess I don’t throw hard enough) and I was able to continue shooting with no further incidents to report! But let’s back up a bit here. For this project, it was an easy choice for me to do a pitching tutorial, because as previously stated, roughly 16 of my 20 years of life have been spent on a baseball diamond.

So, without a catcher or an indoor location to pitch in Champaign, I saddled up my backpack and the homework that I wasn’t going to do, my multi-week pile of laundry, and headed home for the weekend.

After convincing my dad and my friend, Dave, to be my videographer and catcher respectively, we journeyed out to my old dwelling grounds at the Bulls Sox Academy in Lisle, Illinois. I had spent 2 years of my baseball career here playing for the Academy’s travel baseball team, but apparently they didn’t remember me because I still had to pay full price for the space.

Within 5 minutes of shooting and pitching, I felt like my arm was going to fall off, but at the same time, it was great to be pitching again, and at no point did this project ever feel like homework. I even ended up having way too many shots (around 50-60) and it was quite the process for me to pick out ones to use for my video.

Which, speaking of, actually went relatively smooth for me this time around, although it required me to be in the lab from 8 pm to 2:30 am, but I’m pretty happy with how the video turned out.

So with spring training starting up and baseball season quickly approaching as the weather is finally beginning to warm up, I hope that this video may actually prove to be useful for anyone interested in playing baseball over the summer, or just curious about pitching in general.

P.S.: It’s been 4 days since I filmed the shots, and my arm still feels like I was stabbed multiple times in the shoulder. Totally worth it though.


My storyboard for the video


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