Dapper Up For Spring

Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

Look dapper for any formal event with a proper bow tie

With springtime right around the corner, people are starting to turn their thoughts towards flying kites, picnics and walks in the park. After months of nothing but snow and ice, everyone is ready to embrace the warm weather. Not only do outdoor activities become more popular, but it’s also the season for formal events.

Whether it’s weddings, formals or graduations, springtime is the time for celebration. According to the XO Group Inc., the most popular months to get married are June and September. Both high school and college graduations usually take place around May and on college campuses fraternities and sororities host their annual formals towards the end of the school year. What’s the one thing that all of these events have in common? They all, to some extent, require formal attire.

When it comes to dressing formal for men, they have the option of either wearing a necktie or a bow tie. It may seem as though the majority of men wear standard neckties. Most politicians, businessmen and other white-collar professions are seen wearing neckties. It’s almost commonplace. However, that perception is starting to change.

In the United States, bow tie sales have increased from 4% of the neckwear market to 7% between 2012 and 2013, according to Bloomberg. In a Google search engine survey, it was found that bow ties are four times more popular among men than neckties. Yet even though bow ties have become more and more popular, most men still don’t know how to properly tie one. In some studies, as little as 1% of all men report knowing how to tie a bow tie themselves.

With such a growing appreciation for bow ties, one would assume that more men would know how to tie them. Growing up, it is common for a father to teach their son how to tie their first tie, not a bow tie. Some people may think that it’s a lot harder to tie a bow tie than to tie a regular necktie. On the contrary, it is actually quite easy, if not easier. With less fabric than a necktie, a typical bow tie only takes a few simple steps to tie. So if you’re looking to switch up your style and try out a bow tie to your next formal event, watch this video to learn how to tie one.


I decided to do my how-to on how to tie a bow tie because I personally have had to look up how to tie a tie on Youtube on multiple occasions. It was the first thing that came to my mind when we were assigned this project, and I thought it was going to be pretty straightforward at first.

However, when I went to go film, I realized that I couldn’t just shoot the whole thing from one angle. It was boring. So, I decided to film my friend tying a bow tie over and over again from a bunch of different angles to see if it would break up the monotony of the video. Some of the angles turned out well, which I included in the video, and some didn’t turn out how I pictured they would. Overall though, I felt that I got good shots of everything.

Editing, the one part of the process that I always stress over because something always goes wrong, actually went well! I didn’t have any technical difficulties importing any of my sound or video, and I was able to cut together my shots fairly easily. I think drawing the storyboard really helped me visualize how I wanted the piece to look and sped up my editing process.

The only thing about my video that bothered me was the fact that my friend’s mouth is moving in most of the shots. In my head I knew I was going to mute the video so that I could record over it with my own audio, but I didn’t even think that the fact that his mouth was moving would be noticeable. Regardless, I still think the video turned out well and, in my opinion, it doesn’t take away much from the video. It’s easy to ignore if you are paying attention to the steps and really trying to learn how to tie a bow tie.

This assignment definitely went a lot smoother than my previous one. It could have been because this was a lot more specific in terms of what I was shooting, but I feel that I am getting better at shooting good angles. I also feel like I have improved on keeping my camera level and steady. I definitely think that I am slowly getting better at all of this multimedia stuff.

Here’s my storyboard:

IMG_0770 IMG_0771

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