A Different Type Of Boat-How To Make A Banana Boat Dessert


ingredients to a banana boat

Don’t Ditch Dessert

With spring break right around the corner and summer break following shortly after, people are looking for all the tips and tricks to stay healthy. But who wants to miss out on indulging in their favorite treats!? People are starting to take dieting to a whole new level. We no longer allow ourselves that little cheat or sweet after a nice meal…and we should!

In an article by the Washington Post, desserts are disappearing from U.S. tables.Only 12% of families topped off their dinner with a dessert last year, the lowest the U.S. has seen in over 30 years. We are living in a culture obsessed with looking good but not knowing how. People believe cutting out all sweets will give them that summer bod they have been wanting. However, there is a way to balance both and get your sweet tooth fix while still being healthy. There are cheats and simplified, or slightly altered, recipes that will give you the same satisfaction as your favorite dessert but is healthier.

There are ways to cut down calories while still enjoying dessert. In order to cut down calories it’s important to look for alternatives. For every bad ingredient you come across, there is usually an extremely similar and healthier replacement. For example, when looking for chocolate chips try Hershey’s sugar free chocolate chips. This way, you get the fix you are looking for, but you are cutting down calorie count.

An American favorite, and my own, has always been the banana split. However, 2 bananas, 3 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and cherries add up the calories fast. I decided to look into a simplified, and less caloric, dessert that still will satisfy us banana split fans. According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, bananas were the most popular fresh fruit at the end of last year.This led me to the banana boat dessert you can learn how to make here!


I really enjoyed this assignment and think it was my most successful one yet. For starters, I liked the assignment before I even started. A “How To” video seemed fun and the possibilities were endless. When I had to incorporate a newsworthy aspect into it I immediately went for a food idea, because dieting and eating healthy is a huge commotion in the U.S.

Coming up with what I would film was easy. I love banana splits but I am always looking for healthier alternatives. When I came across the banana boat I quickly saw it was simple and far less unhealthy than a traditional banana split. The filming went smoothly as well. The only part I found to be difficult was getting different angles of each step. It just took some time to re-set the tripod and camera and make sure I was getting everything, including myself, in the frame. Other than that, actually filming my steps wasn’t bad. I learned a lot about filming from this. I now see how crucial multiple angles are and how it adds to a shot and makes a story more clear and concise. I think it makes my video look more professional when I have over the head shots and side shots demonstrating the same task. I will definitely use different angles of the same shot in future assignments.

As for the editing, I had FINALLY had no issues when editing and exporting my video to YouTube! For the first time I was not stressed and everything on adobe went smoothly, allowing me to explore more of what I can do with editing.  It was cool to incorporate natural sounds and recorded sounds together and learn how to do that. I next want to learn how to put a song into adobe. I think that would have been cool and added nice and consistent background noises.

The one issue I saw was a limited amount of still shots. It was hard because of the banana’s shape. I couldn’t really get it to sit up and I didn’t want my hands in the still shots. That is something I will need to look into before my next project and come up with different ways to show the product more clearly. However, I really did have a good time with this assignment. With each assignment I feel myself growing and this one was no different. I am excited for what is next!


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