Juggling Life One Apple at a Time – How to Juggle by Aaliyah Gibson


Apples to apples. Juggling can relieve stress as much as a crisp apple keeps the doctor away.

How To Juggle Stress Free

Life can get stressful. With work from classes, relationships and debating what life has in store, juggling responsibilities equally ¬†is another struggle on its own. Luckily, there’s a way to reduce the stress related to juggling life by juggling.

According to an article by the New York Times, juggling can help with concentration and patience. More importantly, in this scenario at least, it also helps with coordination and stress release. By focusing on the motion of the balls and staying relaxed, you actually are helping “stretch” your mind. Juggling for one hour can even burn up to 280¬†calories. It’s the ultimate stress releaser! That being said, I sought out the best way to help out all the stressed students!


The best part about this project was that I actually knew what I was doing with the tripod. With my last assignment, I unfortunately used panning and zooms which didn’t help with the overall flow of my story. This time, I set out to correct that.

Finding a friend to juggle was the easiest part. Most of my engineering friends love to juggle, so that was the best part. Next was finding an appropriate place to shoot. I had to find a place where the lighting worked well and my tripod could be set up. From there i had a lot of fun. It’s actually difficult to guide someone to juggle, but my friend William led me through so I could lead the viewer through.

I wanted to showcase the different angles of juggling, so I used tight shots and wide shots to highlight that. I tried to freeze-frame shots, but learned that was something I couldn’t handle quite yet. So, I went to Plan B. I used transitions and stills to lead the viewer through.

Overall, I had a great experience and learned how to juggle. Now I’m stress free! i chose the creative narrative for this one to highlight the fun of juggling. View it here!

Juggling Stress by Juggling- Aaliyah Gibson

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