Assignment 1 Casati


Sunflowers at the arboretum

For this assignment I went to the arboretum in Urbana in order to get to know my camera. Before this assignment I was extremely nervous to go out and shoot, as well as complete the editing on time. I didn’t necessarily know what to expect while shooting, and I really didn’t know anything about putting the shots together in a program. After completing the assignment, I am feeling better about shooting and editing, however I am still nervous for future projects. While I learned a lot about my camera during this project, I still feel that I have a lot to learn with my equipment in order to make my projects look more professional. I am hoping to learn more with each new project.

My video can be viewed here.

1 thought on “Assignment 1 Casati

  1. Collins, Janice Marie

    …..And you WILL learn more with each assignment….I promise! Your tight shots were awesome…and the ending shot was one of my favorites! Nice job!
    Professor Collins

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