Assignment 1 Sims

First impressions I thought this assignment would be easy peezy. However as I began to work the equipment on my own I quickly realized I would be in store for something more challenging.



I believe that everything could’ve went wrong for me definitely did from the shooting to the editing process. I couldn’t figure out why my images weren’t saving to my SD card and during editing my files formatted strangely. However I was able to successfully achieve this assignment through the help of Dr. Collins. I kid you not you MUST have your multiple plans on deck because things will go wrong.

I’m just so glad the assignment is finally over, though I look forward to my growth through the skills we’ll inquire in multimedia this semester. Assignment showed me that I have to work on getting comfortable with my tilt and panning skills. I have to get a feel for the camera and the tripod, which i found setting up myself to become a bit confusing.

My video can be foundĀ here

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