Grange Grove- Reflection Mroz

For this assignment, I chose to take pictures of Grange Grove, which is located outside of Memorial Stadium. I really enjoyed this assignment. The subject itself, Grange Grove, was something I am very familiar with and something I have experienced both on game days and on off days. For this reason, I think it was easier for me to fully engage my self in the photography. Since I chose a big area for my subject, it made it easier to get different angles and camera shots.

The only real issue I had with this assignment was exporting the video itself in order to upload it onto YouTube. However, Dr. Collins assisted me with this process, and the problem was easily solved.

This assignment was much less stressful than the first assignment was, and I have some nice photos as memories of one of my favorite places on campus as a result! I can already tell that I am really going to enjoy this class. The assignments are more than just homework, but things that I can really build off of and use to my advantage to build a great portfolio.




Grange Grove, Memorial Stadium, Champaign, IL

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