Rainbow Feather Boa

I decided to take my stills at Party City in Champaign because I thought it would be a fun environment. The vibrant colors made for a fun photoshoot. I was able to walk through all of the isles and find something new to shoot each time. I was able to capture colorful costumes, decorations, and candy. The sound was soft background music that was playing in the store and I was able to record the checkout process at the store. Some of the store was empty which I thought was interesting, so I wanted to capture that aspect as well. I felt more comfortable using the camera, but the recording device was very new to me. I recorded on my phone as well just in case the recorder didn’t pick up all of the sound that I wanted which was a learning experience for me. Luckily, both the recording device and my phone worked. Overall, the colors came out great in each shot. You can view the video without sound here. The video with sound can be viewed here.¬†Enjoy!



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