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Soccer is fun- both to play and photograph

For this assignment, I had a couple of ideas I wanted to pursue for the photo essay. The first was to shoot inside the kitchen of a restaurant with some oriental and unique cuisine. I thought I could get some unique photos of interesting looking food but I hit a roadblock when most oriental restaurants in and around campus refused to show me their kitchen! Instead I chose to shoot soccer practice at the fields near the Ikenberry Commons. I wanted to focus on the expressions of faces as the players kicked the ball, try some interesting angles from the perspective of the goalkeeper and other shots you would not normally be able to see during a live game. I experimented shooting in Sport mode on my camera for better captures of the fast motion in front of me. This worked very well. While trying to collect audio, I used two different tracks on Premier Pro: one the sound of players as they kicked and ran and two the background noise of locusts in the trees. Combined together, it provided a pretty authentic sound that I was happy about.

You can find my photo essay without audio here.

You can find my photo essay with the added soundtrack here.

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