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This is my breakfast, a part of my morning routine

This is my breakfast, a part of my morning routine

I decided to do something that envisions what a day in the life is like for me. I thought the person way to portray that was my morning routine before class. I started off with my dreaded alarm, which is what forces me to get out of bed. Next, I like to keep my room clean so I did a before and after of my bed un-maid and then my bed maid. I transformed then to my bathroom routine. Here you could envision my process of washing my face, brushing my teeth, and taking a shower. After that process, I always check the news in the morning. You could see my visit to Finally I closed off with eating breakfast, and then you could see my backpack  as the last shot to show the viewer that the morning process ended, and walking to class was next on the agenda.

This is my photo essay without sound

This is my photo essay with sound













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