Assignment 2 Reflection

For this assignment I wanted to be able to show what part of campus was like on Labor Day. I find it really interesting that people use a space such as the quad for relaxing on their days off of classes. Many people were there hanging out and participating in various activities. In my project I tried to capture the essence of Labor Day for ordinary students and how they spend their time on a nice day on the quad. I did my best to capture this with various shots of people juggling, laying on a hammock, studying and hanging out with their pets.

As I took shots, I also recorded audio. This part made me more nervous as I couldn’t get my recorder to work so I used my phone. It ended up turning out alright, but it was a bit muffled at times. I also realize now that I needed to dissolve my sound when it was louder. After reviewing both the PEWO and PEWS, I would have chosen to include the sound because I think that it made my essay more powerful. I liked how the different activities complemented my story and showed how people were enjoying themselves (for example the music playing in the hammock shot).

Pug "Roxy" enjoying herself on Labor Day.

Pug “Roxy” enjoying herself on Labor Day.

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