Clothing Style- Reflection Corso

During this second assignment, it was difficult to think of something that could really capture peoplesĀ attention. When thinking about what captures my attention, I always come to the idea of clothing. I went through my closet and found many items that I like to wear often and they happened to have a lot of patternsĀ that were strikingly vibrant. Once I started taking stills of my clothing it was very easy to capture a picture that speaks for itself. It was a little difficult to use sound because usually there isn’t a lot of sound that clothing will make. I tried to shuffle through drawers and search my closet while using my recorder, but the sound didn’t come out as well as I had expected. Even though that didn’t work out, I enjoyed doing this assignment because it gave me a chance to show what I like to wear and how I like to express myself.



T-shirt dress still


1 thought on “Clothing Style- Reflection Corso

  1. Collins, Janice Marie

    Other than what we talked about in class about variety…your close up shots were awesome! You will continue to improve. Keep up the good work!

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