Assignment 2 Reflection: Welch


Sorority members share in the excitement of Bid Day

With every new assignment comes a new set of challenges. While I was able to take better photos this time around, the added task of recording sound was difficult. The editing came a lot easier than it did last time, which was exciting to see how much I had learned from assignment 1.

The beginning and ending of my video has audio of girls chatting  in a loud setting to represent how many people are at Bid Day and to make the audience feel like they are there engaging in the conversation. Using the a cappella group in the middle as my audio was my favorite because not only are they very talented, but you can hear the engagement from the audience as well. I wish my audio was stronger for the begging and I could have captured more of the screaming and excitement that happens in the beggining of the night, but unfortunately I used my recorder wrong and didn’t figure it out until after. The other struggle I had was concluding the story. I ended with a night shot of two girls hugging and saying happy goodnights, but using a different sound than the girls chatting would have been more effective.

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