Assignment 2 Reflection Garvey

This is my breakfast, a part of my morning routine

This is my breakfast, a part of my morning routine

Well, before editing I thought this assignment was going perfectly. I didn’t have any issues shooting stills, and I set up my shots like a story of my daily morning routine from beginning to end. However, I found when I got to class that I had apparently been a little confused about the requirements of the assignment. I thought that the photo story with sound was only supposed to be used when it added a powerful effect. However, I was sadly mistaken. So, I had to work with what I had. It was my error, and I will know better next time that nat sound is ALWAYS needed! Other than that, overall I had a lot of fun with this assignment. Im enjoying getting to add my own personality into my shots. I’m very much looking forward of what else is to come!

This is my photo essay with sound

This is my photo essay without sound

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  1. Collins, Janice Marie

    I love how you’re hanging in there and learning as you move along! You’re getting there! Good shots, a mistake that can be easily rectified….so, no worries. You’ll nail the next assignment I’m sure!

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