Assignment 2 Reflection Reynolds

I enjoyed completing Assignment 2. The camera quality is great, so I loved taking pictures. I also love the idea of creating a theme for the assignment. The only thing I struggled with was capturing the natural sound for the photo essay with sound. Because my theme involved waking up and getting the day started, I was unsure about what sound to capture as I roamed through my apartment to complete daily tasks like brushing my teeth or pouring a bowl of cereal. However, now I understand that anything and everything has natural sound and it can be captured if listening closely to everything you hear. Overall, it was a learning experience.

One Saturday Morning

One Saturday Morning

2 thoughts on “Assignment 2 Reflection Reynolds

  1. Collins, Janice Marie

    Ms. Reynolds,

    One last thing…according to the status bar of your post, it appears that your Reflection was posted passed deadline…8:06 pm this evening. If this is the case, I will still accept your assignment since we are at the beginning but I will have to deduct points. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.

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