Neutral Cycle Operations | Assignment 3 Dinh

Neutral Cycle

Champaign – Urbana’s very own bike shop.

Neutral Cycle is Champaign-Urbana’s very own bicycle shop that offers a variation of services. This year, they are offering bike rents to students at $69 a semester. The $69 package includes free maintenance as well. That way, there’s no need to worry about storing your bike while you’re away on holiday breaks. Aside from the new offer, Neutral Cycle is well known for their quick fixes. The shop has a continuous stream of bikers coming in looking for an affordable fix up. They have a team of specialist who know what they’re doing and can fix your bike up in no time. For any bicycle enthusiasts, check out their webpage here. Neutral Cycle doesn’t stop at service. They care about their community as well and recently they’ve filed 11 FOIA requests to see where the most bicycle thefts have occurred. The results helped them identified C-Us “hot spots,” which are known as locations where the most bike thefts occurred. To see them in action, click here.


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    Great headline! Great flow of the story, the transitions sounded natural and you had great quotes from your sources. It sounded very professional. Great job!

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