Taking Your Photo Shoot to the Next Level




Get creative with your photo shoot. (Photo credit: pixcooler.com)

With fall underway, all Instagram gurus are looking to get that money shot in the leaves. But what exactly makes that perfect shot? To anyone looking to boost their likes on Instagram, have no fear—there’s several ways to make anyone with an iPhone look like a professional photographer.

One way to make your photos stand out is to be adventurous with your angles. According to an article on digital-photography-school.com, by getting up high to shoot downward or getting as close to the ground as possible to shoot upward will create a unique viewpoint which is bound to spark some interest.

Another great tip is to break the rule of thirds by placing your subject wither dead center or on the edge of the shot. If you really want to spice up any portrait shots, give your subject room to gaze into—this will create a motion for the viewer to follow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your shots. Whether you break the rules or follow them, you’re sure to gain some interests with any form of creativity. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at a real behind the scenes photo shoot here.

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