Marathon Runners Raise over $3,000 at Local Benefit


Longtime friends Marielle Jennings, Sarah Nolan and Jessie Smith team up in efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

In high school, Sarah Nolan, Jessie Smith, and Marielle Jennings ran as cross country team mates.  This October, they’ll be running again as team mates in the Chicago Marathon.

The runners hosted a benefit last Saturday at a local bar in efforts to raise money for their charity. Follow the link to listen to live coverage on the event and to learn more about the runners.

Interested in donating? Follow this link to help these marathoners put cancer on the run.

1 thought on “Marathon Runners Raise over $3,000 at Local Benefit

  1. Dinh, Jasmine Marie

    I really enjoyed listening to your story. The amount of support and enthusiasm people have for a benefit is always good to hear. Your soundbites exhibited emotion and they were very clear, so it made your story smoother to listen to. You talk a little fast in the beginning, but it eventually smooths out. Be sure not to read off your script, either. It’ll help make the story sound even smoother. Those are minor factors that you will be able to fix, though, but overall great job! I look forward to listening to more of your stories!

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