C-U Celebrates Sixth Annual Pride Parade


Performer twirls rainbow flag at the Pride Fest parade.

Pride Fest weekend kicked off Saturday in downtown Champaign with a parade. A special sense of celebration was in the air with the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide last June.

The Supreme Court’s ruling was a historic victory for gay rights, but the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana have also been evolving in terms of acceptance as seen in the evolution of Pride Fest. Follow the link for live coverage of the parade and learn more about the growth of the festival.

If you are interested in learning more about C-U Pride Fest or getting involved with next years celebration you can contact The Uniting Pride Center through their website.

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  1. Wright, Lucas Scott

    Hey Camille, great piece, I just have a few notes to help you out. One of the things I noticed was the opening nat sound. I think maybe you should have opened with the nat sound or led into it in a different way, also it probably should have been a little quieter. On the up side I really liked the sound behind your interviews, it made it sound very fun and upbeat. Also a small note, when you talked to the mother, great job mentioning the kids. That is always a sure fire thing to do in your pieces. A minor thing would be the editing at the end of your piece, just make sure to slow down and relax and worry about your TRT when you’re editing. Great Job!

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