Ready, Set, Laugh!


Spicy Clamato performing for a special competition in Chicago

The University of Illinois is laughing up a storm with campus’ very own improv group Spicy Clamato. Spicy Clamato is U-Of-I’s longest running short form improv troupe that performs every other Friday night at the Courtyard Cafe in the Union.

The troupe consists of 12 members ranging from freshmen to seniors. Improv is a form of comedy theater performance where the scenes are created at the moment it is performed. Spicy Clamato performs short form which means they play games and get suggestions from the audience to inspire the scene. Spicy Clamato always has a sizeable audience including members of other improv troupes on campus for support. To check out the feature story on this hilarious group, click here.

You can get more information about Spicy Clamato including upcoming shows and video footage here.

1 thought on “Ready, Set, Laugh!

  1. Jassin, Elizabeth A

    Ready Set Laugh

    This package was great! I liked the way you opened, answering and telling the audience exactly what Improv is. The tone in your voice was excited and engaging. There was a nice flow of sources (going from a primary source to more general secondary source students.) Each sound bite contained relevant information which flowed nicely with content.

    I only noticed one sound bite that felt cut off. And you already critiqued this in front of the class, but your own audio was covered by outside natural sound at times.

    Overall, it was awesome!!!
    -Elizabeth Jassin

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