Illinois Students Finding Their Own Cure for McKinley Health Center Fiasco


As flu-season approaches, University of Illinois students are looking for outside medical sources for help. Find out why they are staying away from the McKinley Health Center they have already paid for. Off the Shelf and Online’s Lauren Mroz reports. 


For more information on the McKinley Health Center, click here.

One thought on “Illinois Students Finding Their Own Cure for McKinley Health Center Fiasco”

  1. Apologies for the delay in posting a reply. I thought your story topic was great cause I had no idea Mckinley misdiagnoses students. I thought your edits were crisp and the second interview moved the story forward well. I would increase the volume on the first soundbite to match the rest of the report, and maybe slightly edit your intro- cause I had no idea this was prevailing opinion about McKinley, so it could be better to word the introduction to sound a little more leading to a conclusion with the help of the soundbite than stating it outright before the soundbite itself. Hope that makes sense, just a thought. Otherwise, I thought this was a great report with an intriguing topic and good soundbites too. Good luck.

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