HERE or is it better to be there.

There’s one thing to be there, but to be at HERE, the name of a brand new apartment complex, means difficult complications and it may not be getting any better. 

For some, this picture doesn't match their current living space.

For some, this picture doesn’t match their current living space.

For residents at 308 E. Green, also known as HERE, things are not quite going as they hoped. HERE began construction at the beginning of the fall semester last year and had planned to be finished by August 2015. But once August rolled by, some apartments weren’t finished in time, which forced residents to find other places to live in the mean time. As HERE quickened the pace in hopes to finish by September, they’re quick work caused some amenities to be left unfinished until later. There are continuous complaints being made, but HERE is doing the best they can. For more on HERE apartments check out their website HERE. 

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  1. Vasiliadis, Megan Marie

    Awesome headline! You’re transitions and overall volume was great. I think the no nat sound really worked in this story. Your lead was very intriguing and made me want to read more. This sounded very professional. Great job!

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