A new home for wounded veterans


The new Center for Wounded Veterans on Nevada St, Urbana

The new Center for Wounded veterans in Higher Education opened it’s doors in the Fall of 2015 at the University of Illinois. Veterans can now access a wide range of residential and counseling programs at the Center which is conveniently located on campus.

You can listen to an audio report on the impact the Center is having on veterans since its opening here. I talk to the director, resident psychologist and a resident at the Center for more insight.

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  1. Mroz, Lauren Elizabeth

    I really enjoyed your topic. I thought it was interesting and is relatable to a wide audience. The natural sound at the beginning was well incorporated. However, I thought your opening sound bite was a bit confusing, and I couldn’t really understand what the interviewee was saying. The biggest critique I give you is too speak louder in your narration, but other than that I thought you did a great job!

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