CU police Approved for Tasers

Police uses tasers for protection

Police uses tasers for protection

For this assignment I wanted to do something more news related. I found it interested that the local police department of champaign-urbana would now be able to carry a taser as a form of a weapon. Since the police has been in a very negative eye over the last couple of years related to racial prejudice cases I decided to get common it perspective on what they thought about officials getting to use such a form of weapon.

My audio story can be found here  For more information about the implementation please click here 

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  1. Garvey, Kara M

    Vennetta, I really enjoyed your package. I think you had a great topic, and the package. I think your writing was also great. Just a few suggestions– Watch your audio levels. Sometimes your bites were a little louder than when you track your package. Your story also could’ve used some nat to add to the story line. Other than that great job!

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