Assignment 4 Reynolds Audio PKG

UIUC Fall Business Career Fair

So you wanna land a job? Well at last week’s career fair, hundreds of u-of-i students were hoping so! The 2015 Fall Business Career Fair was held at the activities and recreational center, and many students had their resumes in hand hoping to walk away with a job offer.

To complete my audio package, I interviewed Illinois students that attended the Fall 2015 Business Career Fair. I got mixed reviews about the event, which I think made the story better. Hundreds of students attend the event each semester in hopes of landing a job. Check out my package!

For more information on the next Business fair, click here.

Business Cair Fair (Google)

Business Cair Fair (Google)

1 thought on “Assignment 4 Reynolds Audio PKG

  1. Jackson, Jimmie A Jr

    Audio package critique:

    I noticed that Y=you had some dead air at the beginning of your package for about 4 seconds. I think just deleting that will cut down some of your time and will get you closer to 1:15. Great nat sound. It may be a little too high while your talking. Sound bite good, could bring volume up a little. Nice pace
    Good for getting both sides of the story it adds more to the story. Second sound bite was perfect. It has a clear beginning middle and end Some narration tracks were a little uneven, I think the second was louder than the first, but overall good job.

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