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Getting Dirty with the Car X Crazy K

On Saturday September 19, the Champaign County fair grounds got a run for its money, as more than 6,000 runners participated in the fifth annual Car X Crazy K marathon, an event that donates to more than 40 charities. Continue to the audio story here 

More information on the Crazy K marathon can be found here.


The mudslide obstacle at the marathon.

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  1. Liu, Fangyi

    Hi Alexis,
    I really enjoyed listening to your audio package and checking out there was a lot of fun going on with the Car X Crazy K event. I like the way you introduce your interviewees who are at different positions in the event and share opinions from various angles of the story. The three interviewees (participant, volunteer, and photographer) mainly represent and cover most groups of people within the community. I think this audio package is a complete, successful one because it gives out broad yet essential event information to me as a listener and serves to inform with the most up-to-date news. I like the nat sound you put at the beginning and end of your story and the sound bites you chose to present the event are very clear and easy to hear. Thanks!

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