Preventing Crime This Halloween Weekend


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Trick-or-treating will be held in Champaign and Urbana on October 31st from 5 to 7pm. Families express their concerns about their children wandering around neighborhoods during the Halloween weekend.

The city of Champaign includes Halloween safety tips for residents to use as a precaution. Children should always be accompanied by an adult and travel in groups to reduce the risk of crime.

Students on the U of I campus have different worries such as pranks taking place that can potentially cause harm to another individual. To hear other concerns about the Halloween weekend, click here.


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  1. Welch, Samantha M

    Loved that you went to the mall and that you were able to find Champaign residents. Really added to the community element of the story. Very relevant and timely story, as well. You did preface that the video was shaky and you were right so I would recommend using other materials to help with that issue. Also, I loved that you incorporated nat sound in your narration, something that I did not do very well.

    Good job!
    Sam Welch

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