Do Healthy Options Encourage Healthy Choices?


The Ikenberry Dining Hall offers several options for all types of eaters, including vegan and vegetarian. (Photo credit:

With 6 public and 4 private dining halls, along with two massive workout facilities, it’s easy to see why the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was recently ranked 7th healthiest university in the nation according to But do healthy options necessarily encourage healthy decision making?

In addition to this ranking, the University has also been awarded the National Association of College University Food Services award– meaning we have the most innovative nutrition program, best local foods, and best vegan recipe.

Twenty five percent of dining hall food is grown locally and 90 percent is made from scratch.
With all these healthy options, I took a better look at what students really choose when browsing through the dining halls’ meal options. Follow the link to hear what some students have to say.

1 thought on “Do Healthy Options Encourage Healthy Choices?

  1. Dinh, Jasmine Marie

    I think you took a really interesting angle with this story. I never had the opportunity to live in dorm, since I transferred, so I had no idea this is what’s available. A few things to work on are when you set up your shot, think ahead of where the lighting is. The lighting when you’re videoing the guy is kind of dark, because he’s back lit by the window. You had good sound bites that contributed to the story. As well as good shots, but don’t forget about tight shots and varying you shots. For example, you stayed on the last shot for too long. Overall, I liked your piece and think you did a great job. The minor things are easily fixable in the future!

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