Assignment 5 reflection

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

For this assignment, I did a story on the men’s illini tennis players taking time away from school and college tennis to play professional tennis. This project presented a few challenges, but overall I think that I learned more on this story than I had on either of the 4 previous ones.

The first challenge was the focus of my story. I thought I would be able to focus my story on the current players taking time off, however neither of them were in town therefore made me take a different approach to my story. Rather than focusing on the two individuals I decide to focus my multimedia project on the program’s history of players taking off and why it has been beneficial for players in the past (and present).

The second challenge I faced was scheduling interviews as quickly as I could to get the information I need. I didn’t have much time to work on the project but showed up to the tennis center and got the footage I needed. I also was nervous about editing it after but I think that part went alright. Overall I felt as though I learned a lot from this project and am excited for the “how to.”

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  1. Liu, Fangyi

    Hi Alexis,
    I really enjoyed watching your story and got to know more about college tennis here at U of I. One thing I need to learn from you is that your video doesn’t have any shaky shot and goes smoothly toward the end. I like your nat sound and sound bites a lot because they’re informative and clear even though it’s windy outside in the tennis court. I watched your video in Tuesday class but when I was going to watch it again for the peer review, I couldn’t find the hyperlink thing in your summery or any link to websites. Since I couldn’t find any that’d direct me to the video, did you add the link of video to the post? I like your video a lot because both of the structure and content are appealing, concise, and easy for audience to understand. Good job!

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