Mumps Outbreak Subsides

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The UIUC Campus during fall. Picture was found on Reddit

Before students arrived back on campus in the fall, many large news outlets had reported of a mumps outbreak on the University of Illinois campus. Students were encouraged to get re-vaccinated before returning to campus. Three months into the school year and the chatter has died down. Now that the changing of the seasons is coming, many people will start to get the sniffles and some will get a common cold. Will students be able to tell the difference between this and mumps? Check out this video to learn the difference and see what students think of the mumps outbreak.

Information on mumps and how to prevent it can be found on McKinley Health Center’s website.

1 thought on “Mumps Outbreak Subsides

  1. Corso, Jessica Kathryn

    I really enjoyed watching your video package and once again, I thought it was structured really well. Your story had a very clear beginning, middle, and end, which made it even more enjoyable to watch. The auto focus is an issue in everyones so I completely understand that, but that’s really the only problem I saw in the package itself. The interviews also went along really well and it was cool that you added someone who was sick. Also, it’s obviously a timely story because we can all relate to this since it is going around campus. All in all, I think you did a really good job with this video package!

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