International competition for Starbucks in the C-U

©Caffe Bene

©Caffe Bene

Caffe Bene, a very popular coffeehouse chain throughout East Asia opened its second outlet in campustown on Green Street. The first outlet is full almost every day and so they hope that a second location dead center of campus will help them reach out to more students. The new outlet will certainly add to the diversity of choice to students on campus who want to eat out or find a place to study.

Watch my video here.

1 thought on “International competition for Starbucks in the C-U

  1. Mroz, Lauren Elizabeth

    I loved this. I thought the video clips were well timed, and it all flowed very smoothly. I like the variety of people you interviewed. I’m glad you did more than just interview three different customers.

    You have a really good broadcasting voice! It was really easy to listen to you speak, and though you were calm and collected, you were still very enthusiastic without it seeming fake at all.

    Really, really good job!

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