How-to make a three-pointer

Patty Mills celebrates after hitting a three for the San Antonio Spurs (Photo courtesy of The Brian Method)

Patty Mills celebrates after hitting a three for the San Antonio Spurs (Photo courtesy of The Brian Method)

As basketball has adapted to analytics over recent years, players have begun to embrace a new style.


There have always been boundaries to the game of basketball.

In the past, if a kid wasn’t tall enough or strong enough, he or she would usually not have a chance moving forward in the game. In recent years, there has been a different trend evolving in the game.

Analytics have completely revolutionized today’s game, the largest of the changes being the importance on the three-point line. The line was implemented in the NBA during the 1979-80 season, but at the time, the game did not revolve around the deep shot.

Not until the new millennium did the shot really solidify its spot in the game’s strategy, and as the years went by it helped to bring in a new kind of player. The scrawny, short guards that had once been unable to shine on the basketball court now had the momentum to star on the sport’s biggest stages.

Players like Stephen Curry, JJ Redick and Kyle Korver have relied on sharp-shooting, as opposed to a strong inside game, to make their NBA dreams become reality.

For today’s generation of young players, it seems that it is becoming a necessity to be able to perform away from the basket, making dominant post-players a thing of the past.

For tips on how to become a sharp-shooter from three-point land, check out this video.

My storyboard for assignment 6

My storyboard for assignment six.


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