Yum! Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies



Fall is underway and we all love comfort food around the holidays. Why not make a spin on the infamous chocolate chips cookies by adding nuts to the mix. There are two different ways these delicious cookies can be prepared…one is for the simple a complete box mix and homemade cookies for the intermediate. Here’s my shot at making a batch of delicious cookies for you all to enjoy.

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1 thought on “Yum! Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Garvey, Kara M

    Vennetta! I thought you did an absolutely great job. I love the idea and it was very creative of you and thoughtful of you to bring in cookies to the entire class! I thought you have an easy how-to package to follow. Watch the focus of some your shots, but for the most part they were good. And it would have been wonderful to see you eating the overall product. Great job!

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