How To: Construct an Improv Scene


The Second City theater in Chicago is a comedy enterprise

Improvisational comedy is a form of live theater where the scene or scenes are made up in the moment. Improvisers will often take a suggestion from the audience and create a scene based off of that suggestion. The characters, environment, and plot are all created on the spot. All objects are also mimed and no props are used.

The basic rules of improv include saying β€œyes” and adding something new to the scene and avoid the asking of questions so as to not put your partner on the spot. The two most popular forms of improv are short form and long form. Short form is comprised of quick games whereas long form takes one suggestion and builds a long scene with layered parts to tell a story.

Improv is a great source of creativity and getting your brain to think quicker and on the spot. Improv helps with public speaking and builds teamwork skills. Improv is all about laughter! Here is an article supporting the idea that people who take improv are happier.

Check out my How To video here and just maybe you can be seen on Saturday Night Live!


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  1. Jassin, Elizabeth A

    Hey Emma!

    I love your topic! I like the way the video flows, it is very understandable, conversational, and to the point. The mixing, Collins said you could bring their sound down while you talk and then up when you are not talking. The blue words worked very well on your video (visible). It was honestly very good and entertaining! I hope that one day I improv with you! πŸ™‚
    Nice ending with “scene”

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