How to make a vegetable smoothie

Sometimes it’s difficult to eat healthy, but it is important to get your daily servings of vegetables. ┬áIn order to do so, I put it all together in a smoothie so that I get my vegetables over with for the day, while I am still able to enjoy a refreshing smoothie. My smoothies consist of spinach, apples, tomatoes, carrots, celery and cucumbers.

Check out my video here!

This photo of two green smoothies is from

This photo of two green smoothies is from



1 thought on “How to make a vegetable smoothie

  1. Koshy, Abraham

    I thought this was a great video.

    The editing was great, especially when you cut to the vegetables and water you were talking about, and the pan made total sense.

    I also thought you had a cool idea with green smoothies. It was visually appealing.

    I’m sure you had some technical glitch with the end of the video that you could possibly fix for later. But apart from that, this was a properly good video.

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