Mastering the Art of Multimedia Reporting

My Multimedia Path 

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Coming into multimedia initially, I was so nervous. Professor Collins initial email had me freaked out. My first thought is wow what did I get myself into. The class seemed very intense. Plus I took both multimedia and TV this semester, so I had not much multimedia experience coming into the beginning of the year. Everything worked out though! I am so pleased with how I’ve grown as a journalist this semester.

Assignment one was the beginning of the journey. I had minimal experience with working with these types of cameras we used this semester, so I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into. I ended up having a ton of camera difficulties, including focusing issues. My anxiety and stress were so high. Its so funny looking back at it. I’ve learned so much this semester, so taking pictures and video of basic stills is a piece of cake. The quality of my shots have gotten so much better. It’s wonderful to see how far I’ve come between the first assignment and our final project.

Nature still

My favorite nature still!






Assignment two consisted of the photo essay with and without sound. At this point I was comfortable with the camera, and I enjoyed creating a story line out of my images. I chose to portray a day in the life of my average routine, from waking up to going to sleep at night. I had a lot of fun when it came to actually shooting the images, however editing was a different story. I came to found out that nat sound was needed in all images in the with sound assignment. I thought nat sound should only be used with powerful images at the time. This is when I learn that nat sound is ALWAYS important! Even though I had a few bumps in the road I still had fun with this project.

This is my breakfast, a part of my morning routine

Breakfast: a part of my morning routine

Assignment three was our first assignment that focused solely on video. When it came to the drawing board, I was struggling to pick out an idea for this video assignment. I wanted to choose something that was not only relatable to me, but other college students. I chose to film daily distractions I have around my house with twelve roommates, while trying to study. I had fun with it, I got my roommates involved to help me as well. I was a little nervous how the shooting would turn out, at this point I was STILL having focusing issues. I left it on auto focus during this assignment, which created less quality video. I was frustrated. Editing was a breeze though, I didn’t have any issues. At this point I was very comfortable editing with Adobe Premiere. Overall, I had a pretty positive experience.

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Some of my many distractions..






Assignment four was our first audio package. I absolutely LOVED this assignment. I chose to cover a Belly Fit class offered by the Women’s Resource Center, and analyzed how it empowered women. I had prior experience with this, because I had already previous taken an audio course, so this felt like a breeze for me. I really especially enjoyed crafting the story together, and using nat sound to make the listener feel like they were really apart of the class. I had no problems editing, when trying to complete this assignment. I felt on top of the world. This was the first assignment where I felt I could really put my personality into my writing, I was able to make my piece unique. I would say this was definitely my favorite assignment of the semester.

I was unable to take photos at this event, because of privacy reasons. Here is a Belly Dancing image taken by Rebula Plesni Studio.

Here is a Belly Dancing image taken by Rebula Plesni Studio.






Assignment five, the final package, was definitely the most work of the semester. I had quite the stressful experience getting all of the pieces together. I chose to do a package on sexual assault. Getting the broll for this assignment was a little more challenging than I expected, especially since its a sensitive topic and hard to get relevant footage. The Women’s Resource Center was a great resource for me, and I got phenomenal interviews. Getting the elements together was definitely the toughest part, but as soon as I had everything I needed physically putting the package together was a piece of cake. What I really liked about this package is that you could feel the impact. It was definitely hard news. I really ended up loving this assignment a lot, I learned a lot about my topic in the process.

Phamplets offered by the Women's Resource Center

Sexual Assault Resources







The final assignment was the how-to piece. This was definitely the most fun out of all the assignments for me. I chose how to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. This assignment made me realize all the specific steps that go into doing something so basic that you don’t even realize. I had a little difficulty with the shooting believe it or not. Because my stove has countertops on both sides of it, getting specific angles were a little difficult. I got a little frustrated, but I ended up making everything work. Editing was also slightly a nightmare… All of my images came up as zoomed in on Premiere, so I had to go in and edit every single one. The final product turned out great though, it was a nice note to end on before the final assignment.

Yum.. a delicious bowl of macaroni and cheese!

The final product!







The final project was.. the definition of up and down. At first our group was a disaster, nothing was working out and we weren’t sure what direction we were going in. Our topic was race relations. We narrowed in on looking at race relations on the University of Illinois campus, and chose different elements from within the campus. We went from zero to one hundred very quickly. I’m very proud of my team and how well we worked together. Our collaboration was incredible, and every single member of the team was integral to our final project. I specifically worked on the package element. I definitely had some ups and downs with this. Editing was a nightmare… there were a few tears. Same thing with the zoomed in images happened, and I had footage on multiple SD cards. I learned that I will never mix SD cards for one project again! It makes everything so complicated. After hours of editing, everything turned out pretty smoothly. I am so proud of our final product!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.49.00 PM

Students walking together on the University of Illinois campus









Thank you Professor Collins for everything. I have gained so much experience through this class, and I am so excited to continue on enhancing my skills.

Reporting for off the shelf and online, I’m Kara Garvey

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