Multimedia is the most fun and interesting class I have ever taken in the college of media. From this class, I learned a lot of essential knowledge of video shooting, video editing, as well as the importance of team working, At the beginning of this semester, I was shy and hindered from participating in lectures because I’m not familiar with any of the online tools and camera equipment. Now, I’m more confident and skilled in taking videos, editing pages, and design a hopefully decent video product.fangyi

Since I registered multimedia class two weeks later than most of people did, I finished my first assignment with the second one. It was the first time of me using the professional camera while trying to capture the most qualified images. I was stressed studying angles, types of shots, and focalizing.

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For the second assignment, I started feeling comfortable with my camera, recorder and the Adobe Premiere application. I forgot to create an introducing slide with black background in which I should add my name, professor’s name, and assignment title to the video. I realized that there was a lot of stuff I needed to catch up with and at the same time, I should keep up my work. I went through a little struggle to mute down the sound but I figured it out later on. It feels so good to know and handle things I never got in touch with before. The hardest part of assignment 2 was to go out and take videos to form a storyline.



My topic for assignment 3 is how to make guacamole. My friends and I went to county market and got three avocados, one red onion, two jalapeños, some cilantro and one bottle of pure lime juice for the video. To me, the hardest part was editing all the short videos together with the correct sequence. For some clips, I learned that it is not professional and standard to zoom in and out with my shaky camera. After that, I brought my tripod to every event I attended. guac-2

For assignment 4, I went to Asian American Culture Center to interview the Tibetan monks who hosted an art workshop. All community members who are interested in Buddhism and Tibetan cultures were invited. My biggest error in making this video is that I didn’t use the recorder. Since the ambient noise is too loud, it becomes difficult to hear what that Buddha said. After this time, I always carefully check my interview equipment and try my best to get the best shots and audios.  tibetan

For the last how-to pieces, How to paint an old shirt, I have to admit that coming up with a how-to idea and designing the video for audience. In the final project, I made the video named How to make dumplings for international students, which made me appreciate team working process and recognize the significance of cooperation in multimedia industry. By supporting and consistently communicating with each other, we achieved the goal and turned in excellent work. I want to thank my talented, considerate teammates who always give a helping hand when I got in trouble with editing my video.


Reporting for Off the Shelf and Online, I am Fangyi Liu.

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