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Today we learned about vo, editing, writing, producing,shooting, and anchoring. At first going into it I really wasn’t to sure what I should expect. Personally, I’ve never had a knack for technology and the idea of being suddenly immersed into a seven day program that usually is taught in a semester was terrifying. To be honest the first half of the day was frustrating, infuriating, and miserable. I have never used a camera ( not one you can throw away later), a  tripod, or a adobe program in my entire life. The idea of being expected to know how to use those things while being talked at and with background noise was…challenging.


I’ve never been good at being under pressure and the first day of media camp was an anxiety attack and heart attack waiting to happen. The beginning of the day for me was completely filled with confusion and guilt that I couldn’t understand the program as fast as my peers. However, the beginning of the day also challenged whether or not I was cut out to be a journalist.


The hard truth is the beginning of today was perhaps the most terrifying, confusing, and horrible days of my life. But, I did learn a thing or two when I wasn’t completely lost. Number one I hate technology and adobe programming, but once you get a hang of it it’s not completely terrible. Number two I actually enjoyed shooting the camera and found it to be interesting and challenging. Being able to work the camera is defiantly something that I want to further investigate how to do. Number three being an anchor was pretty cool and doing the voice overs felt pretty awesome. In some ways being an anchor is like being able to explain complicated or boring things to everyday people and somehow make it fun. And, finally I realized that overall I still enjoyed the writing aspect of journalism the most. I liked being able to write and connect the random pictures I took into one story that made sense.


The point is if you’re really thinking hard about whether or not you want to pursue a major in journalism then come to press camp. Believe me it  will either make you or break you. This morning I felt convinced that I would never step back into a journalism class, program, or even cross paths with a journalist ever again. However, after a hearty meal and a long break along with being able to do the things I loved the most : speaking and writing. I realized that just maybe journalism through unshed tears, confusion, anxiety attacks and all this may just be the right major for me.

Forever confused (but willing to push through) ,

Natalie Flynn



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