First Reflections – Navarro

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.31.59 PMThe first day of working during Press Pass was quite stressful. The day was filled somewhat frantic moments, and the deadlines with making the VOSOTSO and the VO were not exactly a calm time. Because our dorm room was so cold, my roommate and I had a lack of sleep, and thus, the morning was not really our strong suit of the day. However, after we had lunch, our moods got much better and the room we stayed the majority of the day in was much more tolerable. I had used Adobe Premiere before, but it has been at least five years and the guide given at the beginning was good for those who have not used Adobe before and I. The camera guide, however, went a bit too fast, especially because my tripod and camera were a little bit troublesome at first. The teaching was very solid and I learned many things than I learned about broadcast than I did in the semester class I took of Journalistic Writing. Overall the class is fun, but certainly demanding of work on the students in a limited time frame.

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