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So far in the Press Pass camp I’ve had numerous of emotions. First I was excited then nervous then frustrated then stressed but now I’m determined. I had previous experience with editing and shooting video and also making news packages but never have I ever been that stressed making one. I think I’m at a love hate relationship with the words “vo and vosotvo”. ┬áSo far I love the camp and I can tell that I will be learning a bunch of new things, I just hope I will be able to keep up. I can’t wait to see how everything comes together for the showcase I’m sure everyone has learned some new skill already whether its something as little as taking notes. One thing my broadcasting teacher drills me about every time I anchor is my tone. I can tell by the end of this week I will not have to worry about him ever saying that to me again (among other things). I keep telling myself to stop typing but I have so much to say I think I better end it here.

Fun on Campus

Fun on Campus

Thankyou Professor Collins.

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